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Stuart Iowa Towing & Recovery

Emergency towing & recovery near Stuart, Iowa, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

We provide tow truck and recovery services in and around Stuart, including all of the I-80 corridor in Southern Iowa, Adair, Anita, Casey, Atlantic, and Menlo Iowa.

Flatbed Tow Truck with pickup truck

Car and Truck Towing

Our flatbed and rollback tow trucks keep your car or truck safe while quickly transporting it to your preferred service center or dealership in Stuart, Iowa, or beyond. 

Car and Truck Recovery

Off the road or damaged by an accident near Stuart, Iowa? We have the right tow trucks to winch you out and back the road and onto a rollback tow truck for transport to a repair shop or dealership near Stuart or anywhere you choose.

Heavy Duty Tow Truck
Diversified Towing Bob Cat

Heavy-Duty Towing

Diversified Towing & Recovery provides local & long-distance heavy-duty towing and wrecker services in and near Stuart, Iowa.

Our Wreckmaster-trained heavy tow truck operators have the heavy-duty tow trucks and equipment for towing any weight-class truck to Stuarta, Iowa or back to home base anywhere in the country.

Heavy Recovery Services

Have you rolled your tractor-trailer? Or perhaps you are stuck axle-deep in a muddy construction site near Stuart, Iowa?

We have heavy-duty recovery equipment for any size vehicle, construction equipment, or farm equipment. We can pull you out and transport you to a repair depot. We can even recover your load, including livestock and grain, and hold it or transport it where it needs to be in Stuart or beyond.

Towing, Recovery, and Transporting Services in Stuart Iowa and Beyond

We specialize in light to heavy-duty towing & recovery and heavy-duty hauling up to 160,000 pounds.

Jeep on flatbed tow truck

Car and Truck Towing

Our roll off flatbed tow trucks keep your car or truck safe while quickly towing it to your preferred service center or dealership. We are near you in Stuart, Iowa, and ready 24 hours a day.

Learn more about our car and truck towing services.

Trailer hauling truck hauling equipment

Heavy Duty Truck Towing

Heavy-duty wreckers and rotators can provide roadside service and tow your big rig, construction vehicles, semi, bus, or motorhome where you need to go in Stuart or across the country.

Learn more about our heavy-duty truck towing capabilities in Stuart and all of Southern Iowa.

Car crash in ditch

Vehicle Recovery

Our Stuart, Iowa, off-road recovery tow trucks can get you unstuck and out of any terrain, in the ditch, mud, snow, water, or over a cliff. Cars, trucks, overturned semi-tractors, and trailers, we can do it.

Learn more about our vehicle recovery services in Stuart, Iowa and all of Southern Iowa.

Triple A Roadside Assistance

Diversified Towing & Recovery provides heavy-duty AAA Roadside Assistance and AAA Towing for southern Iowa, including Stuart, Adair, Anita, Atlantic, Casey, Menlo, and I-80.

We also provide Penske 24/7 Roadside Assistance for your Penske equipment, such as a flat tire on your truck, mechanical problems, fluid leakage, and more.

Diversified Towing & Recovery is a provider for FleetNet America Roadside Assistance for medium and heavy-duty trucks.

AAA Roadside Assistance
Fleet Net Americ
Penske Roadside Assistance

If we can’t help you then we know who can.

In Stuart, Iowa we have the specialized tools, equipment, vehicles, and training to be able to safely perform difficult jobs. We haven’t seen a towing, recovery or hauling job we couldn’t complete!

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