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Vehicle & Equipment Transporting

Diversified Towing & Recovery

Transporting Vehicles and Equipment

Diversified Towing & Recovery has the trucks, trailers, and expertise to transport any size vehicle, construction equipment, or farm equipment.

We are ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for transporting your cars, trucks semi-tractor trailers, farm implements, large construction equipment, and more. We are even equipped for transporting livestock and grains from an accident site.

We provide transport and hauling services throughout south central Iowa, including the I-80 and I-35 corridors, Osceola, Creston, De Soto, Lamoni, Stuart, Emerson, Ottawa, Atlantic,  Indianola, Red Oak, and Saint Charles, Iowa, or across the United States. 

Transporting is available 24 hours a day

Local or long distance hauling to your preferred location across town or across the nation

We can transport any sized car, truck or equipment after breakdowns or accidents

We are near you and can get to your location anywhere in Southern Iowa quickly

We have wide range of trailers to haul everything

We have the right equipment to recover and then transport any size vehicle or equipment

recovery of truck rollover
Flatbed Tow Truck Red Truck carrying pickup truck

Car and Truck Transporting

Damaged by an accident? We have the right towing equipment to winch you onto our flatbed tow truck and transport your car or truck to your preferred repair shop or dealership.

Diversified Towing & Recovery LLC is often called on for transporting vehicles after rollovers or cars and trucks damaged beyond repair in an accident or just broken down on the side of the road.

Heavy-Duty Truck Transporting

Diversified Towing & Recovery provides heavy-duty recovery and transport services 24 hours a day, every day. 

We can transport any weight-class truck to any destination. Our heavy transport experts have heavy-duty specialized trucks and trailers and the expertise to provide transport services for everything from box trucks, big rigs, semi-trucks, and tractor-trailers to 18-wheelers as quickly and safely as possible.

Our fleet of specialized trailers consists of a 55-ton sliding axle Landoll trailer, an 835 Landoll with a full front ramp and Aluminum Ag pullouts, Landoll 845 with Aluminum Ag Pullouts, a 50-ton and multiple 55-ton trailers, step decks, flatbeds, and we also have a 10, 11, 12, and 13 axle trailers that can haul up to 160,000 lbs of payload on the trailer.

Diversified Towing also has dump trucks, side dumps, and other equipment to clean up the worst accidents and recoveries. We have multiple personnel that can offload the worst accidents and try to recover the freight so there would be minimal loss.

Whether you need to transport a Corvette or a large Liebherr crane, we have the equipment to do the job. We have always prided ourselves in being able to haul the items that no one else wants to haul.

Local or long-distance transport.

This includes towing or hauling semis or any sized rig to anywhere in the country.

Farm Equipment Transporting

We can recover your agricultural equipment from a muddy field or in a ditch between fields and transport it to a service center for repairs or replacement. 

We can transport any type of farm equipment on low boys with aluminum pull-out outriggers/pull-out side extensions for machinery like combines, choppers, sprayers, and more.

We also have the necessary equipment to recover and transport your loads.

Grain Spills

After a grain spill, we have a grain vac for grain recovery and specialized trailers for completing your delivery.  

Livestock trailer damaged?

We have portable corrals to gather up livestock and gooseneck stock trailers with ramps for transporting livestock to where they were intended to be. 

Construction Equipment Transporting

We can move your equipment between construction sites or transport broken-down machines to your service center. We can also provide heavy-duty recovery and winch-out support if your heavy construction machinery or earthmover is stuck off-road or in a muddy site. 

Heavy construction equipment requires specialized trailers to transport wide loads and handle the weight.  We can carry up to 160,000 pounds – enough for any need.

We have flatbeds and low boys with aluminum pull-out outriggers/pull-out side extensions for transporting machinery like dump trucks, graders, loaders, backhoes, and more.

Need a replacement after a breakdown?

We can transport your broken equipment, such as an excavator, loader, bulldozer, etc., away for repairs and then quickly deliver your replacement construction equipment wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Call us first. (641) 344-1510. If we can’t help you, we know someone who can.

Diversified Towing Bob Cat
Construction Equipment hauling

Additional Towing and Recovery Services

Jeep on flatbed tow truck

Car and Truck Towing

Our flatbed tow trucks keep your car or truck safe while quickly transporting it to your preferred service center or dealership. We are near you and available 24 hours a day.

Learn more about our car and truck towing services.

50-Ton towing heavy duty

Heavy Duty Truck Towing

Heavy-duty wreckers and rotators can provide roadside service and tow your big rig, semi, bus, or motorhome where you need to go.

Learn more about our heavy-duty truck towing services.

Tow Truck Pulling Semi from Off-Road

Heavy-Duty Recovery

Rolled over, in a ditch, or stuck in the mud, we can recover your big rig or equipment from any situation.

Learn more about our heavy-duty recovery capabilities.

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